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    The Fundamental Principles of Interdisciplinary Science Universology

    The Fundamental Principles of Interdisciplinary Science Universology

    The ancient thinkers and modern investigators tried to unite mysteries, religions, cults, tales and scientific knowledge into one and universal scheme of world construction. During many centuries the great minds of all times and nations, alchemists of the Middle Ages tried to discover the Magic Crystal of Life in order to cognize the Truth. The followers of Christianity unsuccessfully had been looking for the Cup of Graal to drink the nectar of eternal wisdom. But the truth and the way to it were always much more closer to a man. They are in another continuum of world understanding.

    Knowledge of the essence of world construction was given through generations in the form of mysteries, tales, signs, and symbols which, for example, were used by Jesus Christ. So the universal sign code presented in geometric and mathematic systems served as the mysterious key to eternal knowledge.

    It was known to ancient people that knowledge is ciphered in different game techniques (chess, cards, etc.), in alphabet, in ornament and other sources.
    And they also knew that knowledge would gradually enter the everyday life of mankind. And when the mankind is ready to adopt the knowledge it will really break into the world transforming it and opening the way to a new space--time continuum of life of the future mankind.

    Then the Babel will stop and people will speak the language of the Universal regularities. And the eternal truth will serve the evolution of civilization.
    This is the interdisciplinary science of Universology that is seen as the universal language, which synthesizes the world culture and modern scientific achievements.
    Conceptual Basis of Universology.

    Man’s development (as well as life itself) cannot be effective if management system isn’t constructed according to the universal (i.e. the most effective) scheme reflecting the Universal Laws of being. And only registration of all the factors of development (as its causality) forms the conditions for life perfection.

    From the ancient times the main purpose of appearing of different sciences was the essential need of substantiation the phenomena of surrounding world and prognostication of the most effective ways of development of the mankind.

    But the science had no true criteria of the most effective development of society and civilization because the causal and system character of the development process itself hadn’t been discovered yet.
    And though the process of the world cognition is actively going on now it is realized only empirically.

    The world of causes as multilevel interconditionality causing all the phenomena of life still remained unknown. As well as the answers to the eternal questions: What is life? What is the sense of life? What is the purpose of life? How does life create all its variety having so deep interconditionality?

    And only with the appearance of a new synthesizing science Universology the causal fundamentals of world construction were disclosed. Also system and transition processes were described and the possibility of multilevel intersystem prognostication was given.
    Practical Significance of Universology.
    The discoveries of the universal regularities of world construction (on the basis of synthesis of sciences and the world culture achievements) are taken as the main principles of forming of new creative world outlook of the mankind. They are also the basis of the universal models of the most effective production methods, prognostication, diagnostics, construction of healthy life style and happiness of a man.

    What Does Universology mean?

    Allegorically the name Universology means the unique language which people learn to speak after the Babel when they began to speak different languages and the eternal truth was buried in oblivion. The sign system renovated on the basis of the theory of the universal regularities of life systems and the theory of relativity of consciousness will serve as the Universal language of mankind.
    Thus Universology is an interdisciplinary science about the universal regularities of construction of micro- and macrocosm. Universology substantiates the universal approach to the investigation of causes of appearing of multilevel life phenomena and their system and interconditional development.
    Universology considers relative simultaneity of subject-object relations in which consciousness is determined as ability of reflection (as cognition) and transformation (as integration and management) of vital space (with its gradual forming). Hence the universalization, i.e. optimization, is achieved. It means simplification of constructing and development of social-economic systems, their interaction especially in a man’s genesis.
    What is the Difference Between Universology  Other Sciences?
    New epoch demands new knowledge of world construction. Allegorically if one is going to construct a new Temple of Life he should have the perfect Project of this Temple construction. Thus Universology as the science of universal world construction and life development creates the project of the most efficient conditions and actions for constructing the new Temple of the new world.

    What Knowledge Is Universal ?

    The life systems are built on the fundamentals of Being : the Cause ( nuclear, center, impulse, etc.) from which the manifestated world, i.e. the Effect (orbits, matter, etc.) appears. That is why the cause- and- effect relations are taken as the basis in Universology These relations always being repeated are the grounds of multilevel life of micro- and macrocosm.
    Try to name something more universal than the Cause as the fundamental of everything existing in the world and the Effect as the result of the cause action. So all life systems both in micro- and macrocosm are born and developed by the action of cause- and- effect relations which are projected to the inner structure of the system itself and its outer interactions.

    The Fundamentals of Being and Universalities of Life.

    Thinkers of all times (in different interpretations) based their thoughts concerning world construction on the statement that Everything has its beginning from the Great Non-being – from the primary Source of Life. It is also called the Primary Matter or world vacuum. Its definite conditions are manifestations of space and time relations named by us as the matter. It is the appearance of dualism, i.e. the cause and effect both of male and female primary principles that creates Life: Yang and Yin as the mirror due to which we are capable to see ourselves. 
    Such is the first paradox of Sphinx. Sphinx has the body of an animal as the symbol of nonperfection of the past but it has the head of a man as the perspective of the future. Sphinx blocks the entrance to the Pyramid. But when a man overcomes his dependence on bestial nature (i.e. the Sphinx’s body ) then he will reach freedom by means of four qualities ( the Sphinx’s head ), i.e. the four sides of pyramid foundation : responsibility, discipline, aspiration and constancy. Then the entrance to the Pyramid will be open to a man. And this is the purpose that means the ascent to the heights of the Truth. Such is the second paradox of Pyramids – the code of universality of the Sign System of the Universe.
    The eternal dualism of cause-and-effect connections is reflected, for example, in the basis of life itself – in the nature of light. The Light when spreading demonstrates duality: the properties of a wave and properties of a flow of particles. This is the basis of quantum dualism.
    So is a man being a particle of evolutional flow of life of civilization, planet, cosmos. To be in need for this world one should become a conductor and co-creator of evolution flow of life in the spreading wave of development stimulating the forming of consciousness of unity of personalities into a collective, society, humanity, planet, cosmos. It is said in ancient legends that the world reposes on three whales and four elephants. This is the Universal sign measure: 3 and 4. Plato stated that there was a triad as the basis of life: spirit, soul and body (allegorically 3 whales). It corresponds to the traditions of Christianity and Islam: the Father, the Mother and the Son or the Father, the Son and Saint Spirit. In Hinduism it corresponds to Brahma, Vishnu, Sheeva. Long ago Aristotle said: "Plato is my friend but the Truth is more important”. He described 4 fundamentals (allegorically 4 elephants): the 1-st is the matter itself (its particles); the 2-nd is the form (organization of matter); the 3-rd is the movement of the form and the 4-th is the purpose of its movement. The ancient philosophy investigating the causality of all the phenomena always pointed out not only the two components: cause and effect. It also considered the transitional process between them. It means triplicity: the cause-interconnection-the effect. At the same time each component of the causative triad also contains triplicity but of smaller order (3+1+3=7). Such is the third paradox of "Hierarchy Stairs-the seven levels of life systems”. 

    Besides the fundamental principles were differentiated in various traditions as divine pentagram, fivefold divine man, and six-pointed David’s star. The Hierarchy of seven stages of descent of development impulse into the matter was considered as the Life-creating thought. And step by step this thought creates the life system (its space of manifestation and time of development). It goes through 12 qualities of cognition of development essence (or 12 stages) presented in ancient myths and legends as 12 Gods of the Olymp, or 12 Apostoles, or 12 Saint Constellations of Zodiac.
    In Universology the main question of philosophy: What is primary and what is secondary? and as the result: Is the world cognizable? also finds its decision. The answer is very simple: something cannot exist without the cause of its appearance as one pole cannot exist without the other.
    Two principles – consciousness (the thought) and the matter should coexist at the same time in relation to each other. Consciousness is the reflection that is born as the result of interaction and further transformation of interacting principles. But without the matter (as the space of interaction) reflection doesn’t appear and certainly consciousness is not born. It is the logic conclusion that demonstrates eternity and endlessness of the Universe. And at the same time it illustrates the limits of our world outlook based on the finite categories. And only the Universal laws of Being make the world cognizable but relatively to that life level where a man learns to see the manifestation of the given universalities. Such is the basis of the Theory of Relativity of Consciousness.
    In ancient manuscripts of Dzhian Stances
    Theosophy and other sources the analogic dynamics of development was considered in the form of philosophic idea of development as: 1. from general to particular and 2. from particular to general:

    1. The dualism of the existing as Yang and Yin is born from the Entity. The duality is disclosed in the triad, which is manifested in the quaternary and creates 7 (3+4) stages of life development in the cycle of 12 qualities of cognition;
    2. And then accumulation of experience of 12 qualities opens 7 stages of ascent that demonstrates quaternary. It in turn forms the triad of experience (Manas as structure, Booddhi as integration, Atma as management) that is trinity of being. And again it creates the duality as "the returning of the Prodigal Son to His Father’’, i.e. to the primary source of Life. The Father and the Son integrate into Unity, into condition named Primary Matter from which the next circle of Life will begin later on. Such is the paradox of cyclicity – the 12 Gods that are the Way of Development 1-2-3-4-7-12-7-4-3-2-1. Thus various notions about the fundamentals of being and life always preserved their universality in measures of these fundamental principles.

    Universology in Figures and Numbers. Quantity and Quality.

    Seven basic principles of Hermes Trismegist were manifested in tenfold way of a man’s development. That’s why the Arabs put the number 10 as the basis of all calculations as the relations of a system and a subsystem (3+7). And one should take into account that the system has its purpose as the orientation stated by the bigger system. The scheme of the algorithm of calculation and the principle of self-management in micro- and macrocosm one should perform as such interconditionality: subsystem–system–supersystem.
    Universology proves that the statement about three whales and 4 elephants on which the Earth is lying is not the myth but scientific fact presented allegorically. It was grounded on the example of seven levels of cause-and-effect scheme: 3 are the causative sphere (3 whales) and 3 are the sphere of effect + 1 (which is the transitional level) is four, i.e. 4 elephants.

    Comparing with the present-day science the ancient sciences were built on another principles of investigation of the Universe and society. The difference is that the ancient scientists used the figures not only to determine quantity but also to get qualitative characteristics adequate to the number of stages of cycle construction of system relations.
    This thesis illustrates the universal laws of system structure and cyclicity of its development. The structure of a system has 10 levels taking into account that it includes a subsystem with 7 levels (7+3=10). And each level has its concrete characteristics. Thus all the calculations done with the help of figures and numbers are the operations with the systems of definite levels. Picture. The illustration of regularities of systems expressed by figures from the viewpoint of their quality. The figures characterize the number of the level and the number of the stage of life system development: a) full structure of the system with its 10 levels including its subsystems with 7 levels; b) on each level of the system repetition of the full structure of the lesser level systems (i.e. subsystems) with their 10 levels.
    As far as the universal laws are repeated on all levels in subsystems and supersystems the ancient thinkers introduced: 1) for subsystems – the figures after comma – decimal and so on; 2) for supersystems the figures: a) as the order of supersystems – 100,1000.etc.; b) as the transition from one level to another, e.g.: 11,12,13…20,21,22…121,122…
    So did the figure rows as transitional process and connection between the system of different levels appeared. Mathematics created the powerful apparatus. And from now with the help of Universology the calculations will obtain not only quantative characteristics but also the qualitative one: 1 –the primary source; 2 – dualism of relations; 3 – causative connection and selfmanagement…

    At the same time on the example of Mendeleev’s table the microvorld demonstrates the repetition of the Universal Laws in organization of matter of small forms of life – the atoms.
    Thus the Universal Laws is the force supporting the development of life according to the Universal scheme manifestating in different space-and-time continuums (stages, levels) and it creates the individuality of systems of life of micro- and macrocosm.
    That’s why the fundamental principles of being are manifestated as the Universal Law – the algorithm of birth of form as the space of life system and cyclisity as the time of its step-by-step development. And at the same time the Universal Laws simultaneously repeated in the endlessness of the Universe form the individuality of life forms.
    Consequently on every level of micro- and macrocosm the Universal Laws show themselves by means of the Universal regularities of the matter of space and the time of its development. It is their interconditionality that is the system of the world construction. Thus white forming mutual relations between any phenomena of being the definite system appears. This system manifestates the dualism of relative simultaneity of its development: 1) as the structure of space forming the interrelations of the system elements and 2) as the cycle of step-by-step forming of the given structure in time.
    Space * Structure of Life Systems. Space of systems is formed as the structure of cause-and-effect relations of different phenomena of surrounding world in the development cycle of the given system. And the trinity (or 3 whales) appears: 1) the cause of different phenomena – the sphere of causes; 2) manifestation of the cause – is the sphere of effect; 3) the transition process from the sphere of cause to the sphere of effect. 
    Picture. The structure of development of systems of any level of manifestation in the surrounding world.
    At the same time the sphere of causes, the sphere of effects and the transition process between them are manifestated in multilevelness of small space- *- time continuums.
    The sphere of cause is the very space where the managing influence (e.g.: idea, thought, brain, direction etc.) is formed. The sphere of effect is the space which the managing influence is aimed at (e.g. a group of people, the workers of an enterprise, the organs of the body, etc.).
    The transition process is the space of interconnection of cause and effect.
    For example, let’s take a man’s organism. The transition process from brain management to the organs and cells is provided by 4 systems of the organism: (the nervous system, respiratory system, the system of blood circulation, digestive system). It is like the technological process providing the connection between the managing system (direction) and the units of an enterprise.
    Both the sphere of cause and the sphere of effect are also characterized by the same trinity (but as the systems of lesser level). For example, the relations between the stuff and its member should be realized as the relations between the system and its subsystem. It determines the essence of the system’s manifestation as the structure of 7-levels relations where 3 levels are the sphere of effects, 3 levels are the sphere of causes and the fourth level is the transitional one between them.
    At the same time the cause-*-effect relations are performed as subject-object system relations that are psychosystem and are the basis of psychosystemology.

    Picture. The endocrinal glands of a man’s organism or the eye nervous system serve as the example of dualism of his nature as the cause- *- effect scheme of structure and cyclicity of 7 levels development on the basis of the Universal regularities.

    Violet 7 cone-shaped gland 
    Blue 6 hypophis
    Light-blue 5 thyroid gland 
    Green 4 thymus
    Yellow 3 pancreas
    Pink 2 gonades
    Red 1 adrenals

    Let’s study the characteristics of 7 levels of any system. The 1st level is the structureforming of the system from its subsystems. The 2-nd is the integration of subsystems. The 3-th is self-management of subsystems in the system. The 4-th is the transitional one. It realises the interconnections of the created system with another systems. The 5-th means the intersystem structureforming and management of subsystems. The 6-th is integration and hierarchical systematization of systems. The 7-th means intersystem management and the transition process to supersystem.

    The purpose of supersystem
    Integration of systems
    Selfmanagement in the system
    Interconnections of the system
    Selfmanagement of subsystems
    Interconnections of subsystem(s)

    Time of Development of Systems in the Cycle of Their Life.

    The forming of space of a life system takes place in the time of the cycle. The cycle has two phases. The 1st phase is involution. In different sciences involution is named as reflection, analysis, adaptation, differentiation, extraversion, the destroying of the old world. The 2nd phase is evolution. It means transformation, synthesis, integration, introversion, the creation of the new world.
    This very sense is illustrated by the following words of Jesus Christ: "I’ll destroy this Temple (the 1st phase) in order to construct a new one during 3 days (the 2nd phase)”. Dynamics of development of systems in two phases is also described in the ancient saying: "There is a time to throw away stones and there is a time to gather them”.
    So during the 1st phase a life system cognizes the universal laws as the essence of every level of system relations. And during the 2nd phase the system transforms the surrounding world on the basis of cognized universal regularities.
    The first phase of the cycle is characterized by obtaining the energy by means of differentiation and destroying of the unity forms that are already old, non-perfect and isolated ones (otherwise it wouldn’t be possible to destroy them).
    In physics this phase corresponds to the reaction of the nuclear fission. In philosophy the phase means the process of cognition of the universal laws of development of being. In history the main principle characterizing the phase of involution is: "Divide et impera!” – "Divide and rule!”
    The second phase is characterized by obtaining energy by means of integration of differentiated particles. It is the transition from quantity into quality (e.g., collective strategy; brain storm; the uniting of people). In physics it means the process of thermonuclear synthesis that demands great amount of energy for the beginning of the reaction. So is among people. The process of integration among people is much more difficult because it demands enormous wisdom and culture of people’s interrelations. And it is the integration processes that are the main source of energy and the main force that moves development. The differentiating phase only prepares the matter of the particles to the birth of a new system by means of its structurization and systematization according to their levels – orbits (as frequency spectra).
    Picture. 12 determinants of a system presented as the cycle of step-by-step forming of system relations in definite space and time of being.
    As the result of the abovesaid the cyclic process of step-by-step forming of a life system on seven levels of its cognition of the surrounding world and on seven levels of integration and transformation of cognized matter appears. Each of the seven levels of cognition and transformation is manifested as the stages of creation of a life system. The involution-evolution process is called a determinant of a system. It is the structureforming factor that lies in the basis of construction of all life systems.
    Taking into consideration the repetition of the stages of the transition process on the 1st and on the 7th levels one should perform the cycle of step-by-step forming of a system as 12 determinants of the system or as 12 stages of forming of a system or 12 subsystems, as 12 space and time continuums like 12 qualities of development of any life system.
    The essence of each determinant of a system is characterized by: 1) the corresponding level of the structure of system relations; 2) the phase (involution or evolution) which the given determinant is in. Consequently 12 determinants of a system are interconditioned by the following characteristics:
    The 1st determinant of a system. Aspiration to realization of the cognizable purpose, program, project of a system development.
    The mythological portrait is: Benting down his head Aries fights with the obstacle with the help of his horns. He doesn’t realize the purpose yet and doesn’t see the entrance that is near him.
    The 2nd. Integration of subsystems (demanded for a new system) from the matter of the old system (of the previous cycle).
    Mythologically it is Taurus who stubbornly marking time guards his territory. He destroys and joins other territories to his ones in order to manage the construction of a new but still unknown space.
    The 3rd. Interaction of subsystems by means of cognition, adaptation, cooperation and distributing roles in the future system, structurization of the elements.
    Mythologically: the Twins study the methods of communication between them. They are egoistic but feel their need in each other. Each of them cannot penetrate into the other’s world (as well as none of them can admit the other into his inner world). They should create their common system but each of them "pulls the blanket on himself”.
    The 4th. Concretization of the purpose and tactics (technology) of constructing the form of the system by means of interaction and mutual accept of subsystems.
    Mythologically: Cancer is eager to go back to usual things than to go ahead to the unknown. But he is active in construction of his own world that has already become the usual past.
    The 5th. Management of construction of infrastructure of system’s relation through its individualization, differentiation and systematization of the roles of its subsystems.
    Mythologically: the Lion reigns, but he should study to rule leisurely disclosing his individuality.
    The 6th. Preparation to the integration of subsystems into a new system by means of making their hierarchical interconnections and by controlling this process.
    Mythologically: the Virgin is maturing a new essence but still doesn’t realize what she matures.
    The 7th. Systematization and individualization of subsystems as self-cognition by each subsystem of its place and role in the process of a system construction. And it is the realization of the common purpose.
    Mythologically: the Scales are aspiring to equality of the past accumulations and their gravitation to the future perspectives. With all their outer respectability they are always in the state of inner conflict.
    The 8th. Provided the common purpose of subsystems, their transformation in the direction of integration into the single system structure.
    Mythologically: the Scorpio has a sting to bite the others, but he bites himself, his non-perfection of organization structure to obtain new experience and to fly like an eagle to the skies.
    The 9th. The control of functioning of subsystems and widening of space of their possibilities for managing the system by means of cognition of the purpose depth.
    Mythologically: the Sagittarius pulls the arrow of thought to the new spaces of aspiration. But the Centaur still marks time on the ground of his former power and it gives birth to the conflict of choice.
    The 10th. The control of functioning of the whole system, systematization, integration of systems in the supersystem on the basis of the cognized perspective of development.
    Mythologically: the Capricorn climbs on the top of the mountain overcoming the gravitation of plenty of food at the foot of this top. And on the top the temptation to stop appears again so as there are many such tops ahead of him.
    The 11th. Intersystem activity as serving of the created systems to another systems that means the realization of the supersystem purpose.
    Mythologically: the Aquarius (The Water Carrier) carries the Water of life which he can give to the whole world but there is great temptation to drink the Water himself.
    The 12th. Estimation of the result of integration of subsystems in the system and the degree of realization of the supersystem purpose. The transition process as determination of possibilities of system perfection coming out of the supersystem purpose.
    Mythologically: the Fishes having met together decide where to swim: either to the turbid calm waters or to the surface bringing dangers. Each of them has the opinion denying the other’s one. The problem is how to come to the agreement because they begin to understand that it is impossible to make the way alone.
    Consequently 12 determinants of a system characterize:
    1) the entity of accumulation of experience of development of space-and-time continuums of subsystems in a system (as people in a collective); 2) direction to the most effective transformation of non-perfect forms of former relations of a system.
    So cognizing the essence of each of the 12 determinants of a system and forming the vital space on the basis of the given knowledge the system comes to a new quantative level of development (a new rotation of a spiral).
    In psychology 12 determinants of a system are manifested as 12 determinants of creativity which determine 12 psychological types. They also determine the cyclicity of accumulation of experience of a man’s development and also the step-by-step forming of thinking and consciousness of a man. For this purpose the characteristics of seven levels of subject-object psychosystem relations and connection between these levels and 12 determinants of a system are investigated. 
    In his development a man goes through the stages of accumulation of his experience according to 12 determinants of creativity. It’s an analogy to Hercules’s 12 heroic deeds that are the step-by-step forming of consciousness on seven levels of a planet system. It provides the completeness of development and integration with the surrounding world.
    At the same time the Mendeleyev’s Periodical Table of Chemical Elements illustrates the fact that the complete cycle of a system development consists of 3 circles (or subcycles) of the system step-by-step forming. The 1st circle of the system is accumulation of structure forming experience. The 2nd circle is integration and the 3rd one is management. It corresponds to Hyppocratus’s conclusion about seven-years cycles of development in three circles of 28 years each (this scheme is repeated in big and small cycles of development). It is also the step-by-step and purpose-directed forming of seven levels of psychosystem relations (e.g. between a man and the surrounding world).

    Energy Centers are the Life Nuclei of Systems.

    Cause and effect relations are manifested in Cosmos as interconnections of polar principles (or poles). Historically the polar principles are called positive and negative poles (Spirit and Matter, male and female principles, Yin and Yang, etc) 
    Interaction of the poles takes place as wave radiation that gives the direct and reflected waves. As the result of alignment of radiation (pic. 1b) interferention takes place.
    Then the resonance center (or the transformation point) as transition process between the poles (pictures 1a,b) is formed. Allegorically it means the birth of Christ (or the Son in the Saint Trinity).
    And this is the universality described in different philosophic schools and in the world culture. (Plato’s 3 principles: spirit, soul and body; Gegel’s triad: thesis, antithesis, synthesis; etc.) In different religions (in Hinduism, Christianity, Islam, etc.) it means the triad: 1) The Primary Source (the Father, God, Allah, and the Great Bear.); 2) the Matter (the Mother, the Mother of God, the Mother of the World , the Pleiades), and 3) the transition process (the Son, Christ, the Orion…)
    As the result of integration of three poles the configuration of a triangle or a new pole appears. 
    It has already the higher level of system relations. The 2-nd pole of the triad is formed analogically (by the principle of refection symmetry). It also has the form of a triangle. This is the way of appearing of the cause--effect connections between (managing) sphere of cause and (being managed) sphere of effect. The point (the center, the nuclei ) of their further interaction (pic.1c) is the 3-rd Principle (the 3-rd pole). The 3-rd Principle is the transition process from the sphere of causes to the sphere of effects. And the cause- -effect scheme itself is manifestated not only as the system of definite level but also as the triangle of force (or the pole) of a higher level system.
    Picture 1. Interaction of the poles: a) the triangle of force and the poles of cause-- effect; b) interaction and interferention of the poles; c) the appearance of the resonance center; d) resonance raising the frequences of vibrations of the United Energy System.
    A man is an analogous space--time continuum of life. Step by step a man forms seven levels of his vital space during lifetime corresponding to the cycle of 12 determinants of a system. 
    Each of the seven levels is formed as an energy center and as the channel of energy exchange (or transformation). The energy centers are also the energy channels between the cause (the larger level of a system) and the effect (i.e. the lesser level of a system). It is like the point of confluence of time flow (the purpose given by the supersystem) and the life space of the given system.
    The 1-st level. In the transformation point the configuration of spatial geometry of "eight” – type is formed as the result of interaction between two poles (2 petals like quantum p-orbit, picture 1c). In physics the horizontal  vertical polarity are correspondingly the electric and magnetic components of electro-magnetic field.
    Further provided the stable interaction the resonance with the forming of 4 petals (or 2 p-orbits) takes place. It is like the configuration of the Galaxy: the nuclei – the Galaxy sleeves. 
    Picture p.10 1) development impulse from the supersystem; energy exchange with the surrounding world; widening consciousness with widening space of interaction;
    2) Galaxy sleeves and Constellations (1,2,3) forming the cause-and-effect scheme of life development as of a subsystem. The triangle of force of Great Constellations: (1) the Great Bear; (2) the Pleiades; (3) the Orion.
    The 2-nd level. The construction of six petals or three p-orbits finishes the forming of two levels of system relations (pic.2b).
    The analogy of this configuration for the 2-nd level is the honeycomb system or benzol ring for the 3-rd level (pic.2d).
    Picture 2. Step by step forming of energy centers structure as repetition of the picture 1 but with the appearance of: a) the energy center with 4 petals; b) the 6 petals (two of them are perpendicular to the previous 4); c) with 10 petals; d) united energy system; e) construction of honeycomb system of p- and d-orbits.
    The 3-rd level. Interaction of the apexes of the petals forms the triangles of force (pic.2a). And again two poles are created: the 1-st pole of the lesser system with 6 petals (the 1-st level) and the 2-nd pole with 10 petals of the bigger system (the 3-rd level). As the result 2 directions of development appear. The 1-st direction means that the next 3-rd level presented as the diagonal petals of d-orbit continues to form (pic.2c).
    The 2-nd direction means that a new system of development is being formed. The triangle of force is one of the poles of the new system (and the 2-nd pole will be reflected symmetrically to the 1-st pole, pic.3).
    This configuration is like the position of Constellations as the cause--effect scheme in the Galaxy sleeve where our Solar System is.
    And the Constellations, stars, planets and other systems also repeat the configurations of s-, p-, d-, f- orbits which are constructed on the basis of causal interconnections of polar Principles of Yin and Yang.
    p.11: 1) The Great Bear – 7 Stars of the Pleiades – the Orion – Sirius –the Star Matter from which star systems are constructed including our Solar System. 2) The nuclei, transformation point, the resonance center: the Cause, the Effect. 3) 12 Constellations of Zodiac and formation of the Solar System between them. (In the bottom) Illustration of the universal scheme of appearance of 12 Constellations of Zodiac and also the forming of orbits and planets.
    4) Illustration of relativity of consciousness and world perception: 1. The mankind as the 4-th kingdom of nature is the 4-th continuum corresponding to the 4-th level of the causal system of Constellations. Therefore we see ourselves in flatness of Zodiac (in the center, i.e. on the 4-th level). 2. But as we see only s-orbits of planets’ rotation so it means that the level of consciousness of mankind corresponds to the 7-th level of system relations.
    5) Movement of the life impulse of the Constellations to the Solar System, to the planets, then back to the nuclei of the Galaxy.

    Step-by-step forming of multilevel systems (as continuation of the scheme at pictures 1,2); interpolar interaction forming interferention and construction of the united energy system on the 2nd level that forms 7 sublevels of the 2nd level.
    The 4th level. After 2 polar energy centers have appeared interaction between them begins and the process of forming of orbits is repeated but on qualitatively new level of system relations. Only after this the 3rd polar Principle appears as the cause stimulating development on 3 levels of the sphere of effect. At the same time f-orbit (14 petals = 12+2) is formed between new poles of the spheres of cause and effect. This is the way how the synthesis of former experience of matter organization takes place. It happens according to the purpose transmitting from the managing sphere of causes as reference-point of development in the future.
    In the sphere of causes the order of forming of energy centers is repeated as on the first 3 levels of the energy system. And new quality of development is achieved.
    The 5th level. 4 (2+2) + 12 = 16 petals;
    The 6th. 6x16 = 96 petals (and also 96=2x48, 48=4+6+10+12+16);
    The 7th. 10x96=960, 960+96+12=1068 petals where: 96=2x48, 2 means 2 quantum petals as the transition process and 12=10+2.
    Number 960 is the final synthesising level of achievement in a man’s development. 1068 petals mean the transition level to the next qualitatively new stage of a man’s development in the 5th kingdom of nature (of divine triads: personality-soul-monad).
    Aristotle’s words: "The entity is always larger than the sum of its parts” illustrate the advantages of integration over differentiation. It is explained by the qualitatively new energy of the united energy system consisting of its subsystems (e.g., stuff and its members; the planet and its kingdoms of nature).
    Seven energy centers are known from ancient Indian Teachings. The energy centers have electronic s-, p-, d-, f-orbits called "petals”. They correspond to seven levels of a man’s energy system – 4, 6, 10, 12, 16, 96, 1068. The given petals are the result of interaction of a man (as well as any system) with the systems of the surrounding world.
    Consequently development is taking place relatively simultaneously: 1) of the same level systems; 2) their hierarchical ascent at the levels of the supersystem as their individual perfection. So appears the unity of common and individual development, of horizontal and vertical widening of consciousness. And this is the Scale of Ranks of Hierarchy or the image of endlessness of the hierarchical chain. And at the same time the Purport of Development is open. It is the Creation of Beauty of Unity and construction of the united energy system.

    The United Energy System (UES)
    In the process of his development a man forms his interaction with the world surrounding him. He constructs the unity according to the stages of development of his consciousness: personality – group – society – humanity -- planet--Solar System-Constellation --Galaxy and further on. And on every stage of the hierarchical chain of life systems the universal scheme of development is repeated.

    Picture 1. Interaction of energy covers of electromagnetic aural field of a man with the energy covers of the systems of surrounding world.
    Let’s study the succession of forming of the united energy system: 1) Horizontal interaction of radiations of 2 polar systems appears; 2) Interferention is formed by superposition of radiation from the systems; 3) Resonance appears at stability of interaction of their systems on 7 levels; 4) The reflected wave and ascending flow as vertical interaction between system and supersystem are formed; 5) The united energy system is formed (UES as supersystem); 6) All 7 resonance centers are created as the energy centers of UES; 7) A new and more power-consuming program of interaction of initial polar system is formed.
    Picture 2. The scheme of construction of the united energy system (of micro- and macrocosm systems) and circulation of energy flows in the energy system of a man.
    The logic of these reasonings helps a man to disclose his consciousness for comprehension of endlessness of development and relative simultaneity of all processes. And every person will watch these processes from the viewpoint of his own achievements in forming of space- and- time life conditions and their control.
    This scheme illustrates the principle of development, as the qualitatively new energy is spent for creation of the surrounding world, from shortening of non-perfect matter and for renewal of material structures (e.g.: cells) of a man’s organism.
    It was the principle of mutual enriching development that was used by Jesus Christ for the welfare of mankind. The principle made it possible to demonstrate the miracles that were the illustration of high spiritual level of integration of a man and the surrounding world. And this is the Serving that enriches and transforms the life. And it is manifested by the following words: ’’Love your neighbor as you love yourself’’
    This scheme of systems constructing corresponds to the organization both of micro- and macrocosm. The scheme allows not only to describe but also to make corrections in known stages of forming of atoms as well as of the Solar Systems and Galaxies.

    Picture 1.The example of UES forming of a family, a staff. The analogous process takes place both in stars and in galaxies.
    The growth of energy consuming of integrated system leads to the widening of its space manifestation and increasing of its managing ability. It also changes the space-and-time connections that form new wave configurations of s-, p-, d-, f-orbits. And it explains the Universal Laws of construction of microworld (electronic, atomic matter) and forming of macrocosm (the planets, their parallel space-and-time continuums of life, satellite systems, etc.)
    P.2. The United energy system of a family, a group is qualitatively larger in its energy potential.
    P.3. The electromagnetic field of the Earth that was formed by joint development and cooperation of kingdoms of nature. The more developed cooperation is the more powerful defense shield the Earth has, and vice versa. And this is the cause and essence of appearing ozone holes, different climate, nature and geologic phenomena.
    P.4. The Sun Wind as the development impulse from the Supersystem to the planet systems.


    So Universology can give answers to the most essential questions of Being and development: "What is the purpose of development? What is the sense of life and its source as the stimulus of eternal movement to perfection?
    The purpose of development is the unification of separate various life forms and achievement of beauty of the unity of bright individualities.
    The sense of life is cognition of beauty in universality of the world construction and then (on the basis of cognition) creation of beauty of unity in nature and among people.
    The source of vital energy appears in two simultaneous processes: 1) destroying the old vital forms and 2) construction of the new more perfect vital forms. And on this basis consciousness cognizing the universalities of the surrounding world in its parts unites the cognized space. And the process of cognition widens the vital space of life and a man becomes an individuality. Interaction of individualities revives the space when the energy potential of their unification increases.
    From the given above bases of Universology one should make a conclusion about the Universal Laws and regularities of manifestation of variety of Life in space and in time of definite life systems.
    Three Universal Schemes. From the above one should conclude that there are 3 universal schemes describing the whole process of life development.
    1. The Universal Scheme of Matter Organization determines the dynamics of step-by-step development of space of systems structure.
    2. The Universal Cause-and-Effect Scheme determines the cyclicity of forming of structure of system relations in time.
    3. The Universal Scheme of United Energy Systems determines the condition of growth of energy potential of life systems in the supersystem. It provides the widening of managed vital space and output of a system on a new level of its development.
    Five Universal Laws provide construction and development of form of any life system, interaction of forms and management of conditions of systems development. The Universal Laws make the basis of the Theory of Entire Field of Cosmos where the Universe and all its life forms live, move and exist.
    1. The Law of Unity and Struggle of the Opposites as dualism and main contradiction that moves evolution. This Law is also known as the Law of polarities (poles). It is manifested in duality of hierarchical and synergetic interrelations.
    2. The Law of Negation of Negation or of Succession or of Analogy or the Law of 7 triads. In the given law the phenomenon of analogy is determinative. Each next stage of development includes the achievements of the previous one providing: 1) the creation of qualitatively new state condition of a life system; 2) repetition and succession of the causal connections in the systems; 3) preservation of regularities in 3 parameters: in space, in time, in energy exchange.
    The Law of 7 Triads is manifestated as the fact of existing of 7 small spheres of causes and effects (the triangles of forces) in the continuum of causes and in continuum of effects. Thus each of 7 triads is a small continuum (or a subsystem) that contains analogical 7 sublevels of a subsystem. Succession and likeness in the structure of changing system relations are always preserved and depend neither on the level of consciousness of investigated systems nor the degree of changes of development parameters.
    3. The Law of Preservation if Energy or Causal Interconditionality: 1)Energy doesn’t appear from anywhere and escapes nowhere; 2) The causal connection exist on all levels of being. This principle also runs: any effect has its cause which in turn is the effect for a larger cause. And both the cause and the effect are multilevel continuums of circulating life in them.
    4. The Law of Transition of Qauntative Accumulations to the Qualitatively New Level or the Law of Rhythm and Cyclicity. Accumulation of experience in the cycle of 12 stages of system forming creates the condition of transition of the given system to the qualitatively new level. It gives the possibility to cognize the new value reference-points and the purpose of the higher level system. It means the beginning of a new rotation of a spiral including 2 phases of development. The 1st is widening as involution of idea (a nuclei) in a new matter and its adaptation in it. The 2nd is systematization, integration and management as evolution or returning of the Prodigal Son to his Father.
    5. The Law of Alternativity. This is the freedom of choosing of development direction. And the more completely the purpose of supersystem is cognized the more effective the system development in supersystem is realized and the more space for creativity is open for the given system (during lesser time). And vise versa, a mistake in adopting of non-efficient algorithm of development leads to the rising energy losses (losses of time and distortion of life space).
    So on the basis of Universology it is possible to realize the synthesis of scientific and applied disciplines in the system of universal knowledge having constructed the scheme of general interdisciplinary science. Universology also demonstrates the wide diapason of methodological apparatus. It allows to form a new social and economic system of society on the stable basis of the Universal Laws of Development. They provide the greatest effectiveness, stability and happiness of healthy and creative life of every man.

    The International Scientific School of Universology
    Interdisciplinary Synthesis of Sciences – Universology

    1.Philosophy of World Construction, 7.HLS – Healthy Life 
    Cosmosophy, Astrosophy.
    2.Social and System 6.Causal Medicine 
    Selfmanagement Cardinal Psychotherapy
    3.Universal Management 5.Cardinal Psychology
    Causal and System 
    4.Integral and Cardinal Education

    The Theoretical Basis of Universology 

    1.The Theory of the Universal Laws
    2.The Theory of Relativity of Consciousness
    3.The Causal and System Theory of a Personality


    Methodology of Interdisciplinary Synthesis

    1.Causal Systemology. Cosmology. 7.Mental Psychosystem 
    Modelling (MPM)
    2.Gnoseology of Relativism 6.Causal and System 
    Multilevel Energy Exchange.
    3.Social Systemology. 5.Psychosystemology.
    4.Intentional Step-by-step Non-stop Education


    The Methods of Universology

    1.Causal and System Analysis 7.Universal Modelling
    2.Technique of Mental 6.Early diagnostics of diseases 
    Psychomodelling Sign psychic correction
    3.Akmeological Psychofuturing 5.Psychosystem Analysis. 
    Cardinal Psychodiagnostics.
    4.Collective Strategy.