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    Russian National Academy of Management, Intersystem Prognostication and Cardinal Psychology brings together more than 50 research centers in the territory of Russia, Byelorussia, and Ukraine, working under an integrated research programs.The crisis of contemporary science, coupled with endless division of the integral picture of the world, shows the inaccuracy of prognoses of fundamental directions from the point of view of their prognostic and purpose-indicating role.Science of the 3rd millennium is called upon to restore the awareness of the integrity of the Universe in the absolute mutual dependence of the micro- and macroworlds, in the diversity and completeness of cause-and-effect relationships, and in an integrity as manifested in the multicolor symphony of Being.The scientific doctrine, suggested by the Academy, presents a common systematic approach to the processes of the development of the personality, the collective, society, the state, and the entire planetary organism, claiming that the activity of the same cognitive laws manifests itself relatively simultaneously on various levels of system relationships.The study of the peculiarities of the manifestation of these objective laws as projected on a definite system plane provides a possibility to prognosticate the basic tendencies of the development of a system of any level (from a personality or a collective to globally oriented systems) and to create the most effective algorithm of the management of evolutionary processes.Developed and put into practice at present in the framework of the Academy are the following pro-grams under 5 main directions:– philosophy of development and the integration of various branches of science in the current spheres of activities of contemporary society;– management and reform of socio-economic relations;– a complex approach to integral education;– psychology of personality development in the system of socio-economic relations: the ecology of the planet, the ecosophy of consciousness, family relationships;– prophylaxis, recovery of health and early diagnostics of diseases.The development and implementation of the programs is carried out in accordance with a unique me-thodology of prognostication and the theory of management, based on:– the method of gnosiological relativism (based on recurrent objective laws of stage-by-stage formation of systems on any level of relationships);– the method of psychosystem analysis;– the method of cardinal psychodiagnostics and psychotherapy.Apart from research activities, the Academy is called upon to bring together scientific schools, creative collectives, research and educative centers and institutes and public movements, whose activity is directed towards the stimulation of global evolutionary processes on all levels of management of the socio-economical sphere of human endeavor.Today the Academy is extending the network of its offices and departments in the cities of Europe, Australia and the American continent.The Academy proposes to begin cooperation with holding joint conferences, congresses, festivals, fo-rums, etc.The Academy possesses unique techniques, programs, methods in the above spheres.